About Synergy Bizcon Limited



The Company had been incorporated in 1993, with an object of serving India’s Infrastructures Development. The Company has obtained Certificate of Commencement of Business on 29thDecember 1995. The Company came up with IPO in the year of 1996 for funding its goal to achieve.The achievement of the Company is that its IPO was fully subscribe.
In the year of 2012, Company was taken over by Mr. Shwet Koradiya and Koradiya Mile Stone Private Limited. With the young entrepreneurship ideology, the objects of the Company become vast. Reason behind it was to grab all the opportunities available in India. New Board of Directors came up with new ideas to get positive rhythm.


Starting as a Small Infrastructure Company, Synergy has crossed several milestones in its journey.
  • Came up with IPO in just 3 years of Incorporation.
  • IPO was fully subscribed which shows trust of people in the Company.
  • In 2013, Investors have shown potential for Synergy by applying Equity Shares with premium.
To become a one of the most successful Company in India by diversifying businesses.
Our mission is to create value by “Synergizing” the businesses.
We intend to provide our Shareholders with the best return by continuous expansion in business all over India.
The name synergy means to create value by combining the effect of two or more businesses then their individual .

Our Aim at Synergy

Maximum Returns

To provide maximum return to the Shareholders.

Grab opportunities

To find opportunities available in the India and grab it.

Debt Free Company

To keep our Company debt free.

How Growth is achieved at Synergy?

Growth is achieved by meeting commitments.

We believe that any business is ethical only when it is based on seven values honesty, respect, purposefulness, fairness, trust, responsibility and integrity. The understanding of our commitments is that each employee of the Company conducts business with integrity, compliance with all laws without looking personal advantage.

Growth is with Good Health

We takes care of our Employee’s health. We believes that Employee should be fit and healthy to achieve unstoppable growth in Company.

Growth is with safety

We ensures safety and security of all Employees working in the Company.

Growth is with Environment

  • We believe in cleanliness.
  • Clean environment around the work place is necessary for good health of the Employee.
  • This ensures quality work done in the Company.

Synergy is working in Real Estate since its Incorporation. In the year 2013, Company get authority for trading activity mainly in Infrastructure Projects, Precious Metals, Stones & Jewellery.